Finding recipes online and then failing

Pinterest is great, really truly. When I need a new recipe or some inspiration to cook, that’s one of the first places I go. Yes, I have a little collection of cookbooks, but Pinterest has lots of pretty pictures. That’s what gets me, and I’m sure many other Pinterest users, in trouble.

Coffee shop lingering

coffee pixabay

How long is it acceptable to sit at a coffee shop after ordering your first drink? My most recent job was working in a cafe as a barista, but it was a cafe in a larger store. I’ve also been a patron of many coffee shops. So I often wonder how long can someone reasonably …

An argument for listicles as writing

grocery list

Last week I wrote about three romantic comedies I could watch over and over again, which made me think about writing lists and picking favorites. Lists and listicles swirl around my head all the time now since their evolution as a form of writing. And some may believe they are not in fact a form …

Counter Service Stories: Part 1

Celebrity Sighting I have held several food service jobs where I served from behind a counter. I’ve never been a proper server or bartender. Being part of the banquets staff in a hotel doesn’t count. While I could, and probably still can, make a great Bloody Mary from a crappy mix, I never pulled a …