Best Books of 2016

In no particular order, I’ve come up with my favorite reads of 2016. I set myself of goal of 15 books to read in 2016, and I surpassed it with less than half the year to go. So then I felt guilty and changed my challenge to 28 books, which I also met!

Excuses and resolutions

Here’s my giant, and only half-lame, excuse for why I stopped writing. I landed my first real post-college job. The job is a 9-5-type job so when I get home, I’m cooking dinner or doing laundry or the dishes that I’d forgotten. After that then I want to spend time with my significant other and …

Walking along the Chicago River

A few weeks ago, Michael and I decided to do the Riverwalk so I could show him all the buildings I see now that I work downtown. If you ever visit Chicago, and it’s not extremely blustery, definitely do the Riverwalk because you get to see so much from a different level than the streets.

Binging on audiobooks

I joined the Chicago Public Library a few weeks ago, and surprisingly, I’ve listened to more audiobooks than books I’ve physically checked out. But, maybe it’s not so surprising. I switched my commute up and am on the bus, which makes me queasy if I read.  So I listen to my podcasts and now also …