Recipes for the banana, mushroom hater

Banana Bread
Fresh banana bread by Emily McTavish.

I’ve previously written about trying and failing with recipes found on Pinterest or other online sources, but I have also had some very good Pinterest successes recently. These have been so good that I had to share. Also follow me on Pinterest at ermctavish to see what I’d like to try or have tried and liked.

I like to think I’ve read a lot of recipes in cookbooks and online so when I am scrolling through Pinterest I have become skeptical of what would be a good recipe to follow. For baking, I read to see if a recipe sounds familiar or makes sense. If something calls for six eggs that I know probably only needs one or two, I won’t save the recipe. If a cooking temperature seems too high or too long, I may adjust it or move past the recipe all together. I think we’re a really savvy group of home cooks online, but I don’t trust everything. I do trust this recipe for banana bread though from An Edible Mosiac.

Faith from An Edible Mosiac adapted her recipe from Cooking Light. Between Faith’s testing and all the trials Cooking Light likely does, I trusted this recipe. I think I’ve made it three times now without serious hiccups. Faith used plain low fat yogurt, but I’ve opted for Greek yogurt.

miso soup
Ginger miso soup with soba noodles by Emily McTavish.

Oh, did I mention I don’t even like bananas or banana bread! I have tasted a small piece of each loaf that I have made just to make sure it was correctly baked. Thank you, Faith, for sharing your recipe for banana bread.

I recently made this ginger miso soba noodle soup from Traci at Vanilla and Bean. I have been hesitant in the past to buy miso paste because I never wanted to have a giant container of miso in the fridge and never use. However, I’m really glad I did get the miso! This is such an easy recipe that comes together very quickly, and we will be repeating it all through our Chicago winter.

Traci from Vanilla and Bean used tamari and wakame, which I did not have or use. Instead of tamari, I did throw in a few splashes of hoisin sauce I had on hand. I think wakame would have added even more depth so I might run out for some next time I make a pot of ginger miso soup. I’m also not the biggest fan of mushrooms but I ate them up in this soup. Thank you, Traci!

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