What’s been working for me lately

Last week I wrote about my un-recommendations. This week though, I want to explain what has been working really well in my life in 2017. This is also inspired by Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy who frequently writes about what she likes around the internet, stuff she loves and what she’s into.

Going to yoga regularly: I joined Yoga Six, which has three studios in Chicago, and all of their locations are convenient for me to get to from either home or work. This means no excuses for me. Yoga is really helping me settle my mind and be selfish with some me-time. I’ll also go ahead and throw out this legging recommendation. I’ve bought three pairs now. So I am monetarily invested into my yoga practice, and that’s okay because it’s got me going and feeling good.

Drinking coffee after lunch: As soon as I started working as a barista, I started having discomfort from drinking coffee. It wasn’t a jittery feeling, but I felt like my blood sugar plummeted and like I needed to lie down. Since then, I started drinking decaf if I was drinking coffee at all. Recently I’ve gotten brave at work and have been taught to use the uber-fancy espresso machine. Drinking a latte in the middle of the afternoon hasn’t had negative effects yet. It gives me a boost through the 3:00pm blues and doesn’t keep me up at night.

Being a shoe switcher: I have joined the ranks of commuters that wear sneakers or heavy boots into work and then switch into pretty shoes. My shoes aren’t actually that pretty but they’re not ugly. I’m also definitely not wearing heels because I run around my office too much. I switch into flats and am much happier than wearing boots all day. Sometimes I think my ankles get claustrophobic, but since I live in Chicago, I have to keep myself bundled walking around outside. Shoe switching it is, until I can wear my flats the whole day. These are my favorite flats in my arsenal.

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