My un-recommendations for sort-of adults

This week I wanted to share things I should not be doing. I’m also not trying to be hard on myself. This is a funny list I put together of things that as a sort-of, adult I should know by now. Oh well, better luck next time.

Michael and Emily
I definitely recommend hats and sunscreen for Florida beaches.

I wouldn’t recommend checking your work email in the middle of the night when you get up to use the bathroom. You will have nightmares or be so anxious over tasks that you know you can finish after you get to the office.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to swipe your driver’s license as your Ventra pass to board the bus. I also wouldn’t recommend relying on luck and having your pass in your coat pocket.

I wouldn’t recommend forgetting to read the news of the day–local and national.

I wouldn’t recommend forgetting to twirl your blinds open so the last two out of six plants you brought from Missouri don’t die from lack of sunlight along with the others.

I wouldn’t recommend forgetting to buy snack type food. I get hungry on the weekends too, and sometimes I don’t want a whole meal but want to graze.

In place of my un-recommendations, I offer my actual recommendations:

  • Don’t check you emails late at night or if you wake up
  • Put your important passes and credit cards in the same spot everyday
  • Read the news everyday
  • Take care of your houseplants–sun and water
  • Buy more Goldfish crackers

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