Excuses and resolutions

Here’s my giant, and only half-lame, excuse for why I stopped writing. I landed my first real post-college job. The job is a 9-5-type job so when I get home, I’m cooking dinner or doing laundry or the dishes that I’d forgotten. After that then I want to spend time with my significant other and go to bed. No time for writing.

Graduating: a positive experience.

Yeah, I think that’s lame too. So I resolve to try and keep writing and blogging in the new year.

I’m also resolving to try and collect more experiences this year than things. At 24, I have too much clutter. Why do I keep buying or keeping things? I truly have more than enough T-H-I-N-G-S. I took three bags down to H&M the other day, full of clothes that either don’t fit anymore or that I just don’t wear because I wear better items to work now. (PS: H&M has a recycling and repurposing program that accepts clothing donations and gives you coupons in return.)

How did I collect so many clothes? It makes me feel so ridiculous sometimes the amount of stuff I have. If I go somewhere to visit, do I really need another T-shirt? Do I really need a knick-knack to remember something by? Did I really only wear that pair of pants once for one interview and now they don’t fit?

2016: Scotland. 2017: TBD but keep on traveling.

I want more experiences, which will hopefully mean more blog posts, and I take enough photos with my phone anyway that I don’t need another shirt or coaster saying that I was at a particular place. (I also want pants, with belt loops, that fit.) Seriously though, more experiences like going to a new restaurant, new city or new state. New sections of museums! Museums I haven’t been to yet! New neighborhoods because Chicago is huge! I also resolve to take out the big camera more because it’s getting dusty high up in the closet.

Note: I will write about the job-getting and job-having experience in another post.

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