Finding recipes online and then failing

Pinterest is great, really truly. When I need a new recipe or some inspiration to cook, that’s one of the first places I go. Yes, I have a little collection of cookbooks, but Pinterest has lots of pretty pictures. That’s what gets me, and I’m sure many other Pinterest users, in trouble.

Vegetarian enchiladasThis past weekend, we attempted a recipe for chicken and dumplings in the crockpot. I’ve seen probably half a dozen recipes for this using tube-biscuit dough so I figured it had to work. Well it didn’t for me. We wound up with a pot full of chicken soup turned into inedible, floury goop. No soup for us.

The problems were stacked against us really. In a crockpot, the liquids don’t stay boiling when the lid is removed. That’s the point of a slow cooker–low and slow. Then, the recipe told us to roll the bits of biscuit dough in flour before dropping them into the soup. Hours later we still had raw dough and gross soup, and we decided to toss it and head for a Chinese restaurant. (PS: Ping Pong in Lakeview is very nice.)

I hate wasting food, and I know we’ve been doing it a lot lately. Last week I followed this recipe from Pinterest with great success. Only it made so much but Michael and I were being fed lunches at our jobs. So I’ve had to throw the last of the leftovers out just because I can’t eat one more dinner of potsticker noodle bowls.

All summer we’ve been buying lots of food and cooking with the intent to have leftovers. Now all of a sudden our schedules are changing and we need to adjust. Pinterest will help me through, and other online food blogs, even if I couldn’t get chicken and dumplings right.

Neiman Marcus cookiesI’ve also successfully replicated these recipes found online:

Neiman Marcus Cookies from Brown Eyed Baker

Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joes from Slender Kitchen

Chicken and Gnocchi Dumplings from Eating Well

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas from Peas and Crayons

There’s no use crying over botched dumplings. Especially when you make ziti perfectly the next night. And also you live in an amazing city with restaurants that are open late.

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  • Dont think I have ever failed with Brown Eyed Baker. You should go to her blog and recipes..Lots of variety!
    I remember that the NM cookies were raved over in the day, and incredibly costly. It was just another CCC recipe, can’t to this day think why the big fuss and giant price tag. OH WAIT! It’s Needless Markups, as my FIL used to call it.

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