Exploring but really going for the chicken

This Labor Day weekend, we decided to venture to the Irving Park neighborhood and surrounding areas. We’ve been trying to explore more to A) find a new neighborhood to move to, and B) just see the most of Chicago. We really got a great feeling about Irving Park.

Michael said, “It’s nice that it doesn’t have to be downtown to be good.”

Street art by the bus stop.


I think what he really meant was Honey Butter Fried Chicken. I had seen the restaurant watching previews for an episode of WTTW’s Check, Please! Lucky for us, we were already planning our visit to that area and made the restaurant our top destination. And if you are in the Chicago area, seriously venture out that way and you won’t be disappointed. We both had the traditional fried chicken and a side of pimento mac and cheese. I always think I don’t like pimentos, but I really do. They’re just the red peppers in green olives anyway. In the macaroni, you don’t see chunks of peppers, and the chicken was so crisp and moist, not greasy at all. And yes, do put the butter on absolutely everything.

Another bonus in Irving Park/Avondale was stopping into the Ignite Gaming Lounge. To Michael it meant that if we moved here, it was another source of entertainment, and he wouldn’t have to buy a gaming system like an Xbox or a Playstation. What I saw was a really safe, fun place for kids to hang out. This was another big reason we enjoyed spending time in Irving Park. We saw so many more families, and while we are a long way from joining that lifestyle ourselves, it was a good sign to us.

We will go back to Irving Park, especially for the chicken.

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